Task Management

LendingPad completed its company and user level task management features.  Inside of a loan, users can create tasks and assign them to different parties on the loan for follow up.  They can also create private tasks which will be shown in their dashboard.  There is a calendar function created to show all the tasks due by week or month while reminder emails will be sent on the due date to continuously remind users when a task is due and not completed.

Document Services Integration with IDS

LendingPad has officially transitioned IDS Document Services for Disclosures into production.  Users can generate Federal and State-compliant initial disclosures including e-Sign services for a small fee per file.

New Support Center

LendingPad is proud to announce a new Support Center functionality that is built into the all editions (Broker, Banker and Institution) of the loan origination system application.  Users can now enter search topics, take a screenshot/highlight areas with issues and system administrators can also help to solve/track these issues.   Other parties can also follow the topics as we bring a resolution to the issue.  Bringing the help needed to our users faster is our goal.  If you have any questions, please contact your account manager for detailed instructions.

Meridian Link Integration

We are proud to announce the completion of Meridian Link credit report integration. Any of the credit reporting companies inside of Meridian Link network now can be available for use immediately. An integrated credit report can be ordered with just two clicks to bring back the PDF document into LendingPad Document Management System, liabilities and scores all at the same time.

Price a Loan by Campaign

LendingPad is proud to announce the ability to price a loan by campaign code. This further enhances the ability to price by branch allowing greater flexibility for LendingPad customers to offer different marketing strategies.

CBCInnovis Integration as Part of LendingPad

CBCInnovis, Columbus, Ohio, announced an integration with LendingPad, McLean, Va., a provider of loan origination software. This integration allows clients to order tri-merged credit reports directly from CBCInnovis.Credit reports are merged in LendingPad’s document management system and liabilities data is updated in real time. The CBCInnovis integration is available to all LendingPad users and will automatically populate credit information into the platform.

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